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Frontlover said:

I have a quick question, I search the library and did not find the answer. I am setting up a 180 for some fronts and want to get some rocks. How do you tell what type of rocks are safe for the aquairum? I believe I read before that there is a test that you can do using lemons, is this true :roll:
I have a resource somewhere that may help - I just gotta find it :? In the mean time, I would avoid sharp rocks and rocks that are metalicy that flakes. For the most part, river rocks will work well. I clean my rocks with a wire brush and some very hot water. If you have a stone company near by, that is a great place to "shop" for rocks. Here is how I did my 55 gallon tank with Canadian Mica & Georgian White Marble (below)... Good Luck, Russ

1st two pics are of my 55G grow tank with Candaian Mica (btw: I'd avoid the flakey version of Canadian Mica)

A couple pics of my 125G Kapmapa breeder tank with some river rock with a type of slate (as a breeder tank I am trying to keep it simple so I can catch the moms and strip eggs).

My 40G tank - a mixture of backyard boulders

The next few pics are of an older 75G tank mpimbwe tank with Shannandoah Rock, I really liked that rock. Found it at a stone company many years ago and it is no longer available.

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