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I have been keeping Mbuna in my 55 for a couple years now with great success, mostly Ps Saulosi and I Sprengerae. I recently got a 75 gallon and have been piecing together the equipment to get it running (filters, heaters, lights ...)

I've gotten everything together now for the tank and am starting to sort out the future occupants. I was planning on a Ps. Demasoni and Yellow Lab mix with either some Red Zebras or Acei thrown in for variation. I currently have about 15 Demasoni in a 26 gallon flat back hex as a grow-out. They're getting close to the point of out-growing the tank. I'd say I have about a month left before I need to move them.

I was looking through the 75 cookie-cutters on the site for a 3rd species to decide on and saw this mixed African set-up:
Black and White Mixed African Setup:
• Melanochromis paralleus - 6
• Astatotilapia nubilus - 6
• Pseudotropheus socolofi (Albino) - 4
• Metriaclima callanois (Pearly White OB) - 6

I have to say that the Nubilus has really caught my attention. I have become absolutely fascinated with this fish over the last couple days as I have researched it. Unfortunately, there's not the wealth of information out there as there is on something like an Acei. I realize they are carnivores, and ideally would not be a good mix with my Mbuna, but the above setup has them mixed with Mbuna as well. I trust the moderation team on this site to have reviewed this mix to have at least some chance of success. They also have quite the reputation for aggression, but so do my Demasoni. I plan on limiting it to 1 male Nubilus and having the normal lots of rock work that Mbuna so love to help mitigate the aggression.

So I guess, my actual questions are:
Has anyone had success mixing Nubilus with Mbuna?
Would a mix of ~15 Demasoni, ~8 Yellow Lab, and 1M 3-5F Nubilus work in my 75 gallon tank?
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