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Hello, I recently sold some fry, they were about 1.5" good size. They were basically doing fine.

I did not feed them for 2 days. Double bagged them with bag buddies and used 4x16 2 mill bags.

Shipped the next day, fish arrived at the persons house. One was DOA they said, sent me a picture. I was like okay thats why I sent 12 when they purchased 10 in case there was something wrong with one.

They said all the others seemed fine so I thought all would be good.

Well I just recieved an email stating they all died now this is 6 hours after they recieved them. Just not sure what a seller does in this situation. Since I sold them really cheap and it was my first time I said I would refund 100% of the money, which was $35.00 includeing the shipping.

But since there was such a long time delay would a normal seller say too bad? Since it was probably an acculmation issue? Just curious as to what others would do
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