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Question about new Multies...

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Hi everyone, this is my first post on Cichlid-Forum and was wondering if someone could help me out..

Today I picked up a pair of Multies from the LFS. I left for a couple hours after introducing them to their new home and when I came back, the male was roaming around but no sign of the female. I'm sure she is in one of the shells in there, but I have no idea how much time they will spend in their shell before coming out. How long are they in the shells at a time before I should start worrying about her being stuck?


EDIT: Just after writing this, I turned on the lights that I turned off earlier to see if she would come out. Sure enough, I turn the light on and she scurries back into her shell. Still would like to know the answer to this question though for future reference :D
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they are probably just adjusting to your tank, give them a little time to settle in.
i agree... they need time to settle in. in the beginning you can often see more of them when watching from a distance. you can also try keeping the room dark (but the tank light still on, of course). it takes some patience but eventually they will start to associate you with food instead of a threat and they'll come out more.
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