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Question about my Peacock

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I have a lone red peacock in my mbuna tank that I bought when it was about one and a half inch long. It is now about three inches long. I have assumed since it has remained drab brown that it is a female. However, recently I have noticed the very tip along the top of the dorsal fin is quite red. Do females show any color at all like this or is this a pretty good indicator that I have a male?

Thanks for the replies,
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Females usually have no color or stay drap brown. Males will slowly start to show some blue color around the face. The color you described may not be an indicator of a male. A pic would be helpful.
I know that all of my taiwan reef females have a very distinct red/maroon color on the tip of their dorsals... other than that though, they are a grey/silver color. The other females I have, have yellow tips on their dorsals
I sort of had my hopes up when I saw the brilliant red color that it was in fact a male. I guess only time will tell.
My females can have a colored edge to the dorsal. I'd take the fish out and put him/her in a hospital tank to see if he/she will color up. A peacock in with mbuna would have a reason to supress colors. :lol:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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