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Question about keeping my chocolate doradid w/ JDs

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I just bought a "striped raph" and I have him with my pair of JDs in my 55g. He is the same size as the JDs so he definitely cannot fit in the JDs mouth. He comes out often and I have never seen any aggression towards the pair and him. Guess what im asking is will he be ok in there in the long run and will he try and eat my JDs eggs?
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IMO a raph could work with a pair of JDs but it would need space. Most likely more than your 55. I say this because when your pair is spawning they will see this tank as 100% their space. If you had a larger tank it would work better IMO. Also, yes the raph will most likely see the eggs as food, just don't know if the pair would let it get close enough to eat them or not.
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