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question about decoration

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Think away all the fish.

Would that make a good troph tank? Would you change anything? If so, what?


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5 foot... (1.5 meter)
125G :)

I just bought the same one, but a little less deep, and a little less high... It's a 90 gallon, but has the same width as the one above here... it's 150 cm * 40 cm * 60 cm.

(5 foot * 16 inch * 24 inch if my calculations are correct :) )

This very tank has been completely redisigned, and houses a colony of fronts now... I have got the rocks however, and I'd like to use them in the 90 gallon I'm setting up...

also: would you go very high with the rocks for trophs? or rather, keep them low, with some space left on top of them?

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how many would you put in? I've got 9 juvie dubs now... I'm planning on getting a lot more... only question is, how many more?

would you add syno's to do some bottom scavenging? pl*co's?
Hey geoff,
like I said: think away all of the fish :)


I'm just gonna use the same type of sand, and the same rocks... the tank I'm gonna setup for the trophs is an empty one right now ;)
I've got 9 dubs growing out in a 40G now. So I think I'm gonna get me +/- 20 more dubs... other option is another colony... but I've read that that doesn't always work
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