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First know that the media from the QT tank will support the same number of fish in the new tank...if you move ALL of it.

Allow six weeks for a cycle.

You are going to have only 2 green terrors in the five foot tank?

I would wait for the 3-4 weeks quarantine to be complete, and then move fish and sponge filter from the QT tank to the five-foot tank.

Wait 2 weeks for the sponge to "share" it's bacteria with the sump and then replace it on the QT tank.

At this time I would also add substrate to the QT tank so it can grow beneficial bacteria. When moving fish to the five foot tank you can move the substrate to provide more bacteria, or leave it to keep the QT tank cycled.

I would not bother with other media in the QT tank since it can only divide up the beneficial bacteria available to move. The bacteria grows to support the amount of fish...not to fill up the available media.
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