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DIY - PVC Cave
by Vincent M. Coronati

Materials Needed:

White PVC tube

1 bag of gravel

1 large tube Aquarium safe silicone

1 piece of string (temporary use)

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  1. Cut PVC tube to the desired size and into as many pieces as you would like.
  2. Tie up Your PVC tubes any way that you would want them to stay.
  3. Then Silicone them together and wait for them to dry.
  4. Then cut off the string that you used to tie them together.
  5. Then little by little (so the silicone does not dry) smear some silicone on the PVC tubes and pour the gravel on the wet area of the PVC and press firmly.
  6. Keep repeating until the whole PVC is covered or until you are content with it.
  7. Let it dry for at least 24 hours rinse off and place in tank. □

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Disclaimer: By building this DIY project you agree not to hold the author or the owners of this Web site responsible for any injury or bodily harm you may cause to yourself or others. Always wear safety glasses when working with tools and keep chemicals and power tools away from children. Read and understand all safety instructions pertaining to equipment prior to use.
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