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hi everybody,i have a problem and i need some help.
one of my male nyererei has been sluggish and resting on the bottom rocks most of the time.when he swims it almost looks like he is trying extra hard to stay buoyant.i fed them today and again he swims to stay afloat and when he eats the food he spits it back out like he cant eat it.after the intake of food and immediate spit back out he was stretching his mouth a lot and it almost looks like he cant take food in and hes trying to stretch it out.idk.....
i know changin the diet can cause parasites and stuff but its been the same for 3 years...chrisps and spirulina or something of that nature....
does anyone have any clue or info on my dilemma?!? please let me know if i have to be more descriptive or if i have left out any details..
thanks a lot :thumb:
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