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Pump return to UGJ anti-siphon??

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I'm in the middle of my 180g set-up and am buiding a wet/dry sump with a 1200g (4000 ltr) actually about 900g/h at the 4' head pump returning to through a UGJ system of 3/4" pipe with 6 nozzels. My question is instead of a siphon break hole just under the surface is there a reason I couldn't put a "T" and add another nozzel just under the surace to get more surface aggitation and also provide a siphone break in power outages?
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i would think that would work, as long as the nozzle is close enough to surface.

I've thought about the same thing. It made a lot of sense to me to be able to have a small valve in line and some flexible tubeing off the other end to direct a small stream of water wherever you felt it could do the most good. Eventually this lead to the idea of redirecting that water into a trough I have built into my hood for plants to deal with nitrAtes and also have some greenery around the tank.

The only drawback I can see is mineral creep. I think you would have to make keeping the lines clean a part of your regular routine maintenance.
Useing tubing on the other end of the valve also allows you to place the siphon break anywhere you want. It doesn't necasarelly have to be below the water line.
I wonder if the old "Path of least resistance" will send the majority of the water through the nozzel at the surface instead of pumping it through the rest of the UGJ system. I crimped that one at the top the most of all the nozzels, nearly closed in the center, to try and help. Once I get it set up, if it doesn't work I suppose I could remove the nozzel and put in a spray bar, or remove the "T" and replace the pipe with one a little longer that has a hole drilled in for a break point.
When I pinched the jets for my ugj I made the openings so that thier total combined area was the same as the total area of the pumps outlet. Mine is set-up in a header style with each of the two headers having its own pump. I get equal flow from all jets and it moves a lot of water.

Perhaps you could try putting the siphon break valve close to the return pump with some tubing going back up into the tank. This would cause the siphon break to have to fight almost the same amount of head preasure as the jets. Adjusting the valve while testing the system can bring that flow down even more. Just make sure you have the valve opened enough to suck in enough air to break the siphon.


The more I think about the less I like the idea of having the valve near the pump. More then likely it would act like a protien skimmer and just suck bubbles into your sump.

A hole drilled somewhere near the surface is probably the best idea or you could have one of your jets come up from the bottom and directed somewhere across the surface.
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iceblue said:
or you could have one of your jets come up from the bottom and directed somewhere across the surface.
I need to get a decent nights sleep. :zz: That won't work either. :oops:
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