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I've had this red devil cichlid for about a year now. I've owned the same species previously for 7 yrs.

And just did a monthly water change, like every other time. It's in a tank by itself. After the water change though. It got Ich. So treated it for that. Then a whole bunch of stuff happened one after another.

Initially got ich. Treated and did a water change, then it was gone.
Then it got fungus on the fins and eye cloud right after. Some bloating as well. Which I also treated with API medicine and did another water change.

It got ich again? No more bloating. Swims normally. Still eats and is agressive.
So I'm guessing the first round of it never really went away or it just got another new round of it?

So currently still treating this ich. Just gave it a second dose. I don't see anymore white spots, but will finish treatment. Another water change in a couple days.

It's still acting normally and eating fine. But now it's all like swollen and puffy, pretty pale around the face and fins? There's no fungus, no ulcers, no scale raising out, nothing on it's skin. The abdomen doesn't look swollen. So I don't think its malawi bloat or dropsy. It just looks puffy?

I dont know if you can see it well in the pictures. It's agressive so wouldn't stay still.

Water parameters:
-Ammonia = 0-0.5
-Nitrate(0³) = 20
-Nitrate(0²) = 0
-Chlorine = 0
-Alkalinity = 0
-Ph = 6.2

This is the first time it's happened so I don't know the cause. Any help would be nice.


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