Ptyochromis sp

Ptyochromis sp. "salmon". Photo by Greg Steeves​

Ptyochromis sp. "salmon" was originally collected from Hippo Point in Southwest Lake Victoria. This species is also commonly found under the name "Hippo Point salmon". For a couple years P. sp. "salmon" became the must-have fish due to its pink, salmon color. After a while the enthusiasm for the species died down but the species is still available if you are determined to find it.

In the wild, Ptyochromis sp. "salmon" is a snail eater. In tanks, the species can be a little shy and the namesake colors aren't always displayed. Females don't display any color. A food high in protein is recommended. Although not aggressive toward other species, P. sp. "salmon" can be aggressive toward its own species. They are best kept in groups of one male and multiple females. Discussion on this species can be done in the Lake Victoria Basin forum.