Ptyochromis sp

Ptyochromis sp. "salmon". Photo by Patrick Eriksson.​

A new article by Greg Steeves has been added to the site's library. Greg has kept cichlids for many years but is best known for his work with Lake Victoria Basin cichlids. The latest article, Ptyochromis sp. "salmon", describes the species that gained some popularity in the hobby when it first became available. Since then the popularity of P. sp. "salmon" has diminished, but it is still available on stock lists from time to time.

Ptyochromis sp. "salmon", also known in the hobby as Hippo Point salmon from its collection point, has an coloration not found in many species. The male's pink or salmon colored body are an attractive standout in any tank. P. sp. "salmon" can be kept with a variety of species provided they aren't too aggressive, especially if you want the males to display their trademark coloration. For more information on about P. sp. "salmon", diet, breeding and suitable tankmates, check out the newest library article. For discussion visit the Lake Victoria Basin forum.