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Psittacus compatibility?

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I've done a little browsing on hoplarchus psittacus and it seems they like it rather warm. Considering this environmental issue as well as behavior (aggression, as to all tankmates), is the psittacus a suitable tankmate with sevs, green terror, & oscars (in a large tank, 125 or 180)?
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nuthin? stupid question? I've read the psittacus likes about 86 degrees, which is higher than than the 80 degrees recommended for oscars, sevs, green terror, and etc. Is this accurate, and if so what's the happy medium? It's not hard to find vids on youtube of psittacus in tanks with these other fish, but that doesn't mean it's appropriate. If its just a concern over being able to achieve breeding then I'm not worried about it I guess, but I wouldn't want to torture some fish to achieve comfort for others. I'm also planning to keep a few cats - i.e. pictus, pleco perhaps.
The Hoplarchus is a tough one, I have never kept them myself, but, I do have some buddies with adults, I would say that a 180 would be the absolute minimum for any of the fish you are considering keeping together with them. They get big, they are robust, but, they don't normally go out looking for trouble from what I have seen of them. One buddy in particular has seven of them (12-14" each) in a 700 gal tank, mixed with Sevs, Festivum, Johanna pikes, Geophagus Abalios, sitngrays and Red Hook silver dollars, it's a gorgeous tank and it works. As for temperature, everyone on your list can get along fine in the low 80's.
Thx RayQ. Yeah as for the temperament that's consistent with some vids I've watched. I am actually planning on a 180 ... although I'm reading some on acrylic and that could result in a bigger tank. I don't think I want glass bigger than 180 though.

Thx for giving me one less thing to worry about though (temps).
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