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Pseudotropheus sp. "Elongatus Chailosi"
by Marc Elieson

Organism Fish Fin Rectangle Electric blue

Ps. elongatus "Chailosi" is one of the thirty-five or so Pseudotropheus elongatus variants. Even though this variant does not appear extremely similar to my elongatus from Likoma Island, this male was initially harrassed by him. The female was harrassed and made subordinant to my female Pseudotropheus "BB Chilumba Zebra," who does look very similar in morphology and color pattern. This was just during the initial day in my main tank. Since that time, however, everyone has settled down.

This male and female are amazingly friendly to one another. They are full grown, and he frequently flips his tail wildly, and attempts to get her to spawn. They have spawned only once in 4 months (22 fry). Notwithstanding, they are always together, hanging out around their favorite rock, which the male has successfully dug around. This male is one of the most active diggers I have ever owned. Females look very similar to Ps. crabro "Bumblebee," in color pattern only. I have some great pictures of this male spitting gravel here.

This fish is an herbivore. As such, it should be fed a diet low in animal protein and rich in vegetable matter. Boiled zucchini, spinach, and even peas will help to keep this fish's intestines in proper working order and that blue color vibrant. I do not recommend feeding live or frozen foods very frequently.
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