On September 2013 a group of 32 captive bred Pseudotropheus saulosi were released into their original habitat. The video below shows a second group released this year.

At one time Pseudotropheus saulosi were everywhere in the waters around Taiwanee Reef in Lake Malawi. The population of P. saulosi has decreased dramatically and it can sometimes be difficult to spot them at all. A quick count of P. saulosi was done before both releases. Although there were more specimens this year compared to last year, Ad Konings believes that the increase was due to less demand for wild-caught specimens.

For more information on the release program, visit the Cichlid Press article. If you would like to learn more about Pseudotropheus saulosi, check out the Library Article by Paul Barber.

pseudotropheus saulosi

Male and female Ps. saulosi. Photo by Gerard Delany​