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They are an Elongatus type of which there are many. ID of actual species and whether the fish is actually sold in the hobby is debatable, as there are many similar fish and the scientific info is confusing even to the experts like Ad Konings. May be used as a trade name, did you see fish for sale under this name?

Assume typical Elongatus type like dozens of Mbuna with drab juveniles and females, medium aggression, medium size like 4" but can grow larger when overfed in captivity like all mbuna.

never sure why people ask about sexing with Malawi cichlids since almost all follow the same idea. Juveniles and female are one color or drab, males color up differently when they start to mature, over 800 species like that. There are a few obvious exceptions all of which can be very hard to sex like Demasoni, Yellow Labs, Maingano, C. moorii...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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