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ok have a few question :D
I got 3 of these from my LFS and they had no idea what they was. With help from the forum I found out they are protomelas steveni Taiwan reef. I know for sure I have 1 male. He has the blue face now and his anal fin is showing the red with the blue spots. Hes about 2 and a half inches now.

Now heres the issue, the other 2 I can figure out if they are male of female. They are about the same size as he is, but not showing much color at all.
Will other males in the tank color as well?

Here is a pic of 1 of them, the other is similar but maybe a little more brown and darker. They both have a tad of red on the anal fin, but very little and a a tad of blue on the head body.

Now here is another thing, the last few days the known male has become VERY territorial with the other 2. If he sees them he will case them off. Also the other 2 I saw at one point sparing with each other.
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