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Proto.Steveni sp. Taiwan Reef, food?

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Odd question...
We have a young Taiwan reef in our tangyanikan tank (20L) just growing up in there.

I want to feed the Ocellatus & Juli.Marleri (Gombi/Transcriptus) mysis shrimp as it appears to be a good food for them.

Is this okay to do with the Taiwan Reef in there with them? Right now we're just doing NLS but I have a feeling the Tangy fish would do better with some real protein.
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I'm gonna guess that it's ok, but someone with experience with Taiwan reef should chime in. Just make sure that you gradually change the diet to let them adjust.
The tangs will do fine with the NLS alone, but the Mysis is a nice treat. The Taiwan Reefs will be fine on it, but when you change diets for any fish, it is best to do so gradually.
It woudl be more like a once or twice a week thing. I didn't wanna upset the Taiwan Reef's tummy.
arent they herbivores
poseidons minions said:
arent they herbivores
no ... hp?id=1235
says they are...

but I didnt think anything in the Hap family was.
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