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There are pronunciations for fish names in each profile that might help.

Are you going for an all-male tank or mixed gender groups?

Worth a try if you are going all-male, but then I would remove the females. If you are going for mixed genders, then they would probably clash and create hybrid fry.

Malawi are harem breeders. One male/species in the tank with large number of females (four to seven depending on aggression) spreads the aggression among the females that would otherwise be focused on one female, resulting in stress or death for her.

You have some aggressive species that I would recommend in a larger tank normally. If it is working, then I would stick with all-male and remove the females if you want to add fish.

Note the red zebras and kenyi are both Metriaclima. Two species from a genus in one tank may fight/create hybrids more than other mixes.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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