product reviews

The site's Product Reviews section is constantly being updated. New aquarium related products are added regularly and existing product images and descriptions are updated. The process is slow but we've been working hard to ensure that many of the most popular and useful items are listed for reviews. The Product Reviews section is a great resource for both novice and advanced hobbyists.

Many online retailers also include reviews of the products they offer. Unfortunately, their reviews aren't from other cichlid-keepers and may not accurately reflect how good an item is when used in a cichlid tank. Also, we don't remove negative reviews because they may hurt our sales. However, the reviews section needs your input in order for it to be an effective guide for other hobbyists. Please take a few minutes to review your best and worst equipment or foods. If you don't find a certain product, please came back soon and hopefully we've added it. You can begin reading and commenting on products HERE.