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Ill start from the beginning...
About 6 weeks ago, i upgraded form a 40G to a 55G. While i was moving everything over, i noticed i was missing 1 acei. After i got the new tank set up, i found him in the new tank, barely alive. What i think happened, is the rocks i have (plastic ones from petco) have holes to the inside. I think he might have been in one of them when i moved it. The new tank was already full of water when i moved it, so there was a never a time when he wasn't in water.

Anyways, he was just sitting still, in the corner, laying on the bottom. He was a little faded color, with cloudy eyes. I didn't really know what to do so i just monitored him for about a week, and he never changed. I finally took him out and put him in a 5G trash can with a little 10g filter. He just sat on the bottom and never really moved. This went on for about 4 weeks. I fed him every couple days, but never saw him eat.

I finally put him back in the main tank, and not much has changed. Not he sits vertical, at the top of the tank in the corner. nobody is picking on him at all...they just all ignore him.

He has been sick like this for about 6 weeks, and hasn't gotten any better or worse. Any ideas what it could be?

I have 10 other assorted mbuna in a 55G. I have a sump, with 700gph pump. I have never tested the water...ill try to get a sample and take it to get tested, and maybe buy a test kit.

I know the pics don't show much, but the 1st one is how me looks most of the time.
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