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Pretty poor video of the new tang setup.

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After the windex incident with my kid, here's my new setup - unfortunately some sunlight was creeping into the canopy from the back so the vallisneria is covered in diatom algae - other then that things are good.

My camera's junk, so sorry in advance as usual. ... ksVids.flv

9 ocellatus gold
6 firefin comps
4 synodontis petricola
1 bushynose pleco

Plan on adding some Cyp. Utinta in the near future - waiting on Speciousus to be available along with em' so I don't have to waste a second trip.

I realize the occies and comps will need to be thinned out with age, and eventually the comps will need their own tank.

Suggestions and all that jazz are always welcome.
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There are 32 shells in that tank :p
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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