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I think I just observed the mating cycle on a pair of Sunshine peacocks. I say think because I haven't seen it before. I was watching a male and female doing the wiggle dance off and on in a cave like area formed by a couple of stones, the substrate is black and white, but I saw a slightly larger tan sandlike particle on the substrate which she quickly took in her mouth. I continued to watch and a few minutes later saw her scoop up three more that were not there before. A few minutes later three more. I looked for tubes but did not see any. Other certain fish would then inspect the area....over and over. A male cobue, male dolphin fish and an albino dragon blood. I will confirm with a pic in a week or if she is truly holding. Do males know that eggs were released and they are checking it out to get in on the fertilizing or a snack maybe.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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