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pregnant cichlid

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my african p.socolofi is pregnant and am i supose to feed her
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She probably won't eat until after she spits. She will be fine without eating.
Define pregnant. Is she holding eggs in her mouth? Or just gravid (big belly full of eggs)?
+1 AFAIK fish aren't considered pregnant. They are either holding or gravid. Gravid, you can feed. If holding, then they won't eat until they spit. If I separate a holding female I only do it the last week or so. If after post spit/strip and they are in a separated area, I'll feed them a few days and then re-introduce into the main tank. I prefer to leave holding females in the main tank and then catch and strip and put them back in. That way they aren't "strangers".
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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