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I currently have a standard 75 gal tank with 2 filters. One is an AC110 and the second is a Fluval 405. I am using sand substrate and have big rock piles in the center that runs the length of the tank with a couple of free inches on each end.

I am thinking of adding a powerhead to assist in fluidizing the waste so the the filters pick more of it up. Currently the filters have enough suction to pull the waste to the back of the tank, but does not seem to pick all of it up. I have seen where Hydor Koralia Evo powerheads have be recommended alot, but I was not sure what size to use in this application. They have a 750, 550, and 425 gpm models. So what have others used or recommend.

Or should I just forget the powerhead, and deal with manually cleaning the sand?

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