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Power filter vs. Canister Filter

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I work at an LFS where all our freshwater tanks run on aquaclear HOB filters because of the cost savings and the size. The systems aren't plumbed together so there is 200+ tanks in the store making canister filters not very cost effective at all.

I'm putting together a 90 gallon tank and I'm debating whether to use an XP4 or a couple aquaclears. The aquaclears would be easier to clean weekly but the power goes out at home often (acreage with LOTS of surges and an outage almost weekly) and the AC110's often don't start back up on a power outage while a canister should be no trouble.

Any recommendations? For me it's the question of power-outage failsafe of the canister vs. the cost and speed of cleaning of the HOB.
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I have an Eheim 2028, an AC110 and a HOT Magnum 250 on my 90g. The Magnum is hooked up to a surface skimmer. I like having 3 filters. I clean my Eheim once every 6 months and the AC110 and Magnum about once a month.
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