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Power Filter Tricks
by William McReynolds

Aquarium Power Filters are a mainstay of the fish-keeping hobby. Relatively cheap to purchase, simple to setup and proven in reliability, Power Filters will continue to be the first choice in filtration for aquarium keepers, both beginning and very experienced.

Power Filters are designed by their manufacturers to be economical to make and easy to use. Because of this, there are a lot of simple improvements, modifications and "tricks" that can be done to improve upon the original design of these filters. These simple little improvements are called "Optimization" and performing these modifications on Power Filters will help them to operate at peak levels of performance by:

  1. Protecting your filter from the possibility of ingesting a grain of sand - or - protect very small fish from the possibility of getting sucked up into a filter intake!
  2. Prolonging the time between major tear-downs and cleanings of the filter.
  3. Prolonging or completely negating the need to periodically purchase filter media.
  4. Increasing the mechanical and biological filtering efficiency of your power filter.

Below are some of the more common Power Filter makes and models. The various modifications shown to enhance the performance of each of these filters are as diverse and varied as the filters themselves. More Power Filter models will be shown in the future as thorough testing and evaluation of various modications is completed. If your particular filter is not listed, hopefully there will be one shown that is similar enough in design to give you an idea or two on how to make some simple improvements to your own filter? □

* Cascade Model 300 *

* Aqua Clear Power Filters *

* Penguin 330 *

* Emperor 400 *

Responsibility Disclaimer: By performing any of these alterations or modifications to your power filter, you agree that the Author and Cichlid-Forum are NOT Liable for any problems or damage that may occur as a result. Manufacturers should be contacted first prior to any modification or alteration being performed to this equipment if doubt exists concerning the ultimate proper and safe operation of aquarium filtration equipment modified from the manufacturer's original specifications.
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