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AquaClear - Power Filter Tricks
by William McReynolds


  • (1) Pair of Scissors or a Single Edged Craft Razor
  • (1) Black, Felt Tip Marker


  • (1) AquaClear Filter Sponge Media
  • (1) Sheet of Hi-Density, Blue/White Pond Filtration Foam, (Pondmaster)
  • (1) Supreme Made, Mag-Drive Submersible Pump Foam Pre-Filter for Models 2 thru 5
  • (1) Rubberband

Optimization Steps

  1. You will need to purchase an additional filter sponge for your AquaClear filter. The use of 2 filter sponges placed in the media tray of this power filter will effectively double the available surface area to colonize those all-important, beneficial filtration bacteria. To accomplish this step, it may be necessary to trim a bit of material in the second additional filter sponge, to get it to fit properly in the media tray, (AquaClear 500). Or, it may be beneficial to add a third layer of Blue/White pond filtration foam on top of the second filter sponge, to completely fill the media tray, (AquaClear 300). Doing this, will mechanically filter finer particles out of the water column and help to 'polish' the water clarity in the tank.
  2. Remove the plastic insert piece out of the Supreme Made, Mag-Drive Model 2-5 Submersible Pump, Foam Pre-Filter, then place onto the intake of the power filter. It will fit securely onto the intake tube of the Model 300 and 500 AquaClear filters. Use a rubberband to keep the pre-filter securely affixed onto the filter intake, may be necessary for smaller AquaClear filter models.

Water Rectangle Font Electric blue Screenshot
Water Gesture Thumb Gas Electric blue

Operation Of The Optimized AquaClear Filter

  1. The foam pre-filter must be carefully cleaned in de-chlorinated water with each water change to insure high rates of water flow through the filter.
  2. Clean the blue/white filter screen foam and the black foam blocks periodically to insure high rates of water flow through the filter. Frequency of required cleaning of this power filter will vary considerably with the bio-load of your aquarium, water chemistry and other factors. The blue/white filter foam will become clogged much quicker than the standard AquaClear foam media. Keeping this media clean will insure high rates of water flow through the filter.
  3. Replace the blue/white filter screen foam, AquaClear foam media and foam pre-filter ONLY when they become excessively worn.

Responsibility Disclaimer: By performing any of these alterations or modifications to your power filter, you agree that the Author and Cichlid-Forum are NOT Liable for any problems or damage that may occur as a result. Manufacturers should be contacted first prior to any modification or alteration being performed to this equipment if doubt exists concerning the ultimate proper and safe operation of aquarium filtration equipment modified from the manufacturer's original specifications.[/TD][/TR][/TABLE]
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