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There is NO FAQ file for how to upload pics using the Attachment option in either Full Editor or Post Reply. I just learned it by myself after much trial and error.

I don't know if there is a file size limit and I think I had problems when trying to add too many pics to an individual post last time I tried. I also am not sure about any option to resize pics.

This is the method I use for Upload Attachment:

-Click Upload Attachment
- Click Browse to find wherever the pic is on your device and click on that pic and click Open
- Click Add the file
- Click the Place inline button to put the pic in the message where you want it
- Click the Preview button to see if it's in the correct spot in your message or if the pic is viewable
-Click Submit to post to the forum

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Deeda, when I was just uploading a lot of photos I learned a few things myself. The forum only allows a maximum of 10 photos to be uploaded per post. If you try for 11 you get an error message telling you only 10 are allowed.

Photo size: I did not find any restrictions. I was able to upload multiple 2.5 MB file size photos. I did not have to reduce the file size before uploading.
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