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Post pics of your viejas

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hey, anyone who has a vieja, post a pic of it!
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Nice! :)
Thes are a few pics of my ~1 yr. old BB (1m & 2F) taken on oct. 27, 2007.

Smallest female.

The other female

~7" male.

Another picture of the male.
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:eek: nice!!

I love that first pic. Stunning.
I don't have any of these guys anymore since I moved and had a baby :( I do miss them. And a friend of mine has them all. And he gives me update of these guys whenever he can. Now they've all grown pretty nicely. I especially love the breidohri and synspilus.

Male breidohri at 5". Currently, he is about 8-9".

And this is the most updated picture of him, from Dec. I sure miss this guy :(

Male syns when he was 8".

Most updated pic of him from Dec. with bocourti which I also gave to my friend. Now he is about 10"+ He is still one of my favorite *sigh*

Bifas I had since he was .5" big. This picture, he was about 5". My friend also has this guy.

Here...taking food from my fingers

Vieja is definitely one of my favorites genus :)
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somebody has told me 2x that my synspilum is not a almost guessin now, based on your photos, that hes has some bocourti in him as that possible, i wish i knew how to post pics on here
hey, go to and register, u can load your pics on there :thumb:

very nice guys :eek:, i have always been a fan of syns, i bought one today, hes 1.5"
My 3.5" synspilum

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I'll have to get new pics of Vixen tonight...I just moved her to a different tank the other day and she's now over black gravel instead of the previous white...and WOW. She was gorgeous before, but now she's amazing.
thanks for the tip gage
Can I be your friend Pei? :lol:

Here's a few of mine:
This is a hybrid who came to me as a rescue. It's half black belt/half synspilum

A black belt rescue:

My synspilum... still unsexed but asuming it's female:

I can't seem to find any picture of my regani :?
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the 1/2 and 1/2 has the same body shape and facial/head structure/markings...could be the answer! i had a breeding pair of syns i got from a guy and he looked way different than they did
That male hybrid looks exactly like what he is. His front half looks BB and the back half looks synspilum. I still have his sister... She looks more black belt than anything.
hey, very nice TFG, that last one is either just a vieja hybrid, or it may actually be a RBK (rainbow king) which is essentially made by crossing a syn and a parrot over many generations of breeding the fry with the syn and the fry of the fry with the syn and so forth to to RBK's amazing looking fish, its technically not a flowerhorn, just like SRT's and RQ's, but in my mind they are all similar.

anyway, back on topic, very nice viejas u have there everyone. makes me cant wait until my tiny syn grows up.

this is synsei when he was around 4.5", like 3 months ago, in the 135

this is him recently at 6"

here are pics of my black belt, hes about 5"

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Okay, new's Vixen, female V. fenestratus

And the little guys, V. argentea juvies from Rapps:
Finnegan, pretty sure is a male

Basil, hoping female and seems to be
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