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hi i currently have a succesful mbuna tank, overpopulated with lots of hiding for large and small fish alike. anyhoo i just bought a buffalo head cichlid at the lfs and wanted to know if hed dig my mbuna tank, so far he kinda likes hiding out while my mbuna species just kinda school up waiting for food. not having any aggression issues just wondering if maybe later on will he get into fights? *** read that hes peaceful but i have some more aggressive mbunas. also hes larger then almost all of my mbunas so that may give him some leway. anyways this is the species list
asatotilapia latifasciata x2 small
tropheus duboisi x1 small
julidochromis regani x1 medium
pseudotropheus demasoni x2 small
nimbochromis venustus x1 small (aware that he will get to big, didnt know when i bought)
nimbochromis livingstonii x1 small " "
melanochromis auratus x2 medium (pair) m + f
pseudotropheus socolofi x1 medium
labidochromis sp. " perlmutt" x3 small
tropheops sp. "chilumba" mix possibly lol x1 medium
pseudotropheus crabro x2 possibly 2 males ( if so gonna isolate the colorless one )
metriaclima estherae x1
steatocranus casuarius x1 buffalo head in question :)

all the above in a 55 gallon with a 350 penguin biowheel w/ bubble wall, and about 100 lbs of lace rock ( nice peices ) w/ live african plants swords and a few grasses etc. no coral substrate caught on to that one too late in the game at this point :p so just ur typical blue gravel at a store.

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my buffaloheads really are peaceful unless someone gets in their caves, then it's the funniest roundabout i've ever witnessed. i also have a 55g (long) with a mixture and i can easily say the buffaloheads are the easiest going and the last ones i worry about getting along with someone else (although they're my favorites, so i always worry a little). mostly - they hide. i like to put plants in front of their caves, as they like to peek out and watch other fish and they really like their privacy. have fun - they're great fish!

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Gosh - I see so many problems and I really hate to be a debby-downer... So, here it goes:

You are aware that a third of your fish are NOT Mbuna, correct?

This tank may not yet be a disaster zone but will be. Mbuna are not pairing fish and do better in harems.

The tank stocking itself needs a total revision:

1) All of the Tanganyikan fish need to be removed (The Tropheus and Julie)
2) The Victorian should really be removed also but can stay if you really like it (Astatotilapia)
3) Get rid of the Haps now... They will get too big for this tank. (The Nimbochromis species)
4) Long Term the Steatocranus probably won't work.

With regard to the Mbuna species you have:
Estherae, Tropheops, and Crabro probably need a 75 gallon tank to thrive so you might want to ditch them.

I'm pretty sure that leaves the Socolofi and Perlmutt as the sole remaining species, correct?

If you like those keep them and up their numbers to 6-8 (Perlmutt) and 4-5 (Socolofi).

EDIT: I forgot about the Demasoni - 10-12 of them if you want to keep those.
EDIT: The Auratus... oops. I'd keep 4-5 of those as well.

Of the four species pick three and get rid of the other one.
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