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Popular dwarf cichlids in the U.S...

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Just curious , im from Sweden, which dwarf cichlids are the most popular in America?
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German Blue Rams have always been very popular.
Kribensis are also quite popular, and have been for many years, (as have rams) here in Canada. Apistos are becoming more popular as they become more available.
LFS's around here (when they existed) used to carry rams, checkerboards, kribs, and a couple other odds and ends quite a bit. Apistos weren't common, though there's now a place in SD that has well over 50 tanks of apistos.
Apistos aren't very common in Connecticut, neither are German Blue rams. Bolivian rams and Kribs are more common around here.
I'm fortunate enough to live in an Apisto hot spot here in Michigan.
hey dielikemoviestars, where in sd are those apistos, looking for trifasciatas
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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