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Hello all! I am so happy I found this site! I am new to owning Cichlids. I have 4 African Cichlids and I am having a problem with 1 of them. I noticed last night that her eye is popping out of its socket. I know that there is medicine I can use to help her but I have a few additional questions if you guys and gals could help me out. What would be the best medine to buy for her? Is this a disease that can spread to the other fish? Should I quarantine her until she is better? Im so worried about her!!!!!
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Melafix. Ok that is what my friend recommended I use. They are young fish. I have them in a 10 gallon tank right now. I had the tank set up for a month before I put them in there. I havent been changing the water very much, about once a week. I have been trying to get some good bacteria in there before I do it more often. The levels are in the safe zone all except for the Stress level is a little high. What can I do to make the water better for them? Again, I am new to this and I am doing everything I can to help them. What are the antibiotics called and where could i get them. Thanks for the help!
Im at work right now. I will list everything when I get home tonight.. Thank you so much.
Labeotropheus fuelleborni are the fish that I have....they are under a year old and are still very small. Are these the fish that in the category of being aggressive towars eachother?
OK. My female and male are living together in a 10 gallon tank. They Love eachother and are rarely aggresive towards eachother. The female is carrying eggs in here mouth at the moment and is ready to realease them. My question is, are they going to kill their babies if I leave them in the same tank together for a couple of days before my 55G is ready? My plan is to move the 2 big ones into the 55G and leave the fry in the 10 gallon until they are bigger. Any thoughts? Concerns?
Yes it is really wierd but he does not even touch her when she has the eggs in her mouth. He is a gentleman :) But yes, I will do that as soon as they are released.
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