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Hello all! I am so happy I found this site! I am new to owning Cichlids. I have 4 African Cichlids and I am having a problem with 1 of them. I noticed last night that her eye is popping out of its socket. I know that there is medicine I can use to help her but I have a few additional questions if you guys and gals could help me out. What would be the best medine to buy for her? Is this a disease that can spread to the other fish? Should I quarantine her until she is better? Im so worried about her!!!!!
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The first thing you need to do is check your water quality.

How long has the tank been set up?

What are the water parameters?

What is your usual tank maintenance routine?

What size tank is it?

What species are you keeping?

Eye issues are usually contributed to poor water quality or injury, so all of these questions could apply to your situation.

The best way to treat them is with frequent (sometimes daily) water changes and Melafix. Should the fish worsen or begin to refuse food, antibiotics may be required, but without knowing more, it's impossible to direct you.

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There are very few cichlids that are going to get along and play nice in a 10G tank for very long, so aggression may play a part in what is going on. Do you know what species you have?

Were there fish in the tank for the month it was set up before you added the cichlids? If not, you're tank wasn't cycled properly, and the bacterial changes your tank is going through right now could be very hazardous to your fish.

So, basically, you may have more than one problem at this time.

How are you measuring a "stress level"? If you're seeing aggression, a larger tank is in order today. It won't take 4 cichlids long to kill each other in that small space.

Could you list the exact water parameters?

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One of the more aggressive mbuna...I wouldn't attempt housing them in a 10G tank unless they were small fry, say less than an inch.

They can easily claim an entire 55G as their own.

Mbuna aren't pairing fish. They are harem breeders, with each male requiring multiple females. I have a very hard time understanding why the male hasn't killed the female yet. Fuelleborni are one of the more aggressive mbuna, and you'll do well to keep adult ones in a 55G tank, much less the 10G.

Both of them will eat the fry as soon as they are released. I would get the male out of there immediately, so that the female can release them, then remove her soon after.
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