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My tank has been cycling for 1 week and 1 day as of today.
I have small natural rocks from a prevous tank as well as two small plants to try and help speed it up.
Its a 25 gallon tank (25Lx21Hx13W)
With a what i think it 30-45 aqueon whisper filter.
And a 100 watt heater.
And an undergravel filter with nautral rocks as substrate also i have a UV light.
I just added a 20 gallon filter onto the tank to speed up the cycle ( i still have the other one running too )
Is there anything else i need for a well established cichlid tank?
Im getting a huge rock from petsmart that is full of nooks, and crannys for the fish to go in.
- any help would be nice
- Nick :fish:
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