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im such an idiot. i ust flipped the light on in my small tank to steal some filter media for my cycling tank. for some reason i flipped the light on and scared my big male severum to death. he spazzed out and took a chunk out of his side on a piece of driftwood. hes turned really dark and is literally sitting on the bottom scared to death. his inury looks bad, its a flesh color chunk. please tell me how to make sure hes ok. im gonna do water changes every day for a while, but other than that how can i help him. i am setting up the new tank just for him and my smaller sev. definition of irony. im so mad at myself. please help me with advise how to nurse an injured fish.

thank you.
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I would do daily water changes and add some Melafix as a preventative to bacterial infection.

Should you see any cottony growths around the wound, of the fish show deterioration in his condition rather than improvement, you may need to add a broad spectrum antibiotic. Erythromycin or sulfa would be my choice.

Post back if you need any help!

Good luck!
thanks alot. this morning i was happy, he was swimming around begging for food, colors good, looking normal. his wound is healed a bit i think. i did a water change last night and will do another today and another tomorrow. i will probably get melafix (sp) just to be safe, but i think he will be ok. i felt so horrible but im glad hes doing ok this morning.

thank you for the response.

if i use the medicine should i put the carbon back in my filter to remove it after treatment?
You can replace the carbon if you normally use carbon, but with Melafix, there's no real need to remove it unless you decide to treat with something else, and since it's all natural, that probably wouldn't even hurt!
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