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Hi hope you all can help!

I want a really good light set up to show off my fishes colors, and give a natural light to the tank.. This is a high priority for me!
I just got a new tank and i can have 2 light tubes in the light unit...
The tank was supplied with two silvania Grow-lux T8's 18w. I have a fish only set up with mbuna, rock and plastic plants, so i have no need for plant lights.. The grow lux lights are really white!, and not naturual at all, so i want to get it sorted as soon as possible.
Please give me advice on which light tubes to buy, and wether i should have two different in there, or two of the same for my mbuna's...
I can't turn them on individually, so when the lights come on, both tubes are lit.

Please help.
many thanks
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