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please help wanna build new stand

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I have 2 things first im looking to build a new stand and canopy for my 120. Could i just do a boxed frame with 2x6s or should i use something stronger like 4x4s i plan on making it with 2 door and fully closed But at the same time im thinking about going bigger I live on the second floor of a apt building and with my 120 didn't bow the floor but it did make it creek when I walked right nexted to it within a foot it a 4 foot tank and want a 150 but don't know if I could go with the for foot 150 or should I go with the 6 foot 150. I have one front as of now but plan on having 6 to 10 in the tank alsoi have 2 whisper 60 pumps but thinking about going with a canister filter any help would be great thanks also if anyone knows where I could get some moba or zaire fronts
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I think that two 2x4's in an "L" configuration are the optimal size weight for uprights for a tank that size. You can certainly go bigger, but it's not necessary. A 6 foot tank will be better for weight distribution as well as space for the fish.
O okay will I need a center brace?
I would honestly think of buying an acrylic tank so that you could cut down the weight of the tanks on your apartment.
As for the lumbar pieces 2x4 works great anything bigger and your getting to bulky; besides look at the frames for a house wall its 2x4 bone structure.
Ok what's the price difference betwwen glass and acrylic
It depends, but I was told if the tanks 50g or bigger then your acrylic starts to price better than glass; and thats from an acrylic dealer at owners name is Rich
A center brace is not necessary because the tank itself is rigid and will not sag. What is necessary is a plywood skin on 3 sides to make the stand rigid laterally. That way if force is applied from the side it will not be able to fold up like a deck of cards. Not having a center brace on a 6 foot tank does not make intuitive sense, but the physics is sound. In fact you can have a tank sitting on four stacks of cinder blocks supporting just the corners.
Before you start to build, I suggest you take a look at the following strings.
Like you, I was a firm believer in 2x4's.
However after reading these strings, and doing research, I am now convinced that 1x3 or 1x4 is sufficient for a 125 gallon. ... t=#1359225 ... 19986.html ... hp?t=43031 ... c&&start=0
O wow chmey that's cool and he did a great job also thinkng about puting a black light in the canopy as a night light and with an blue light during the day to bring out the color but could the black light hurt the fish and going to get a 125 saturday and making stand tomorrow went to 84 lumber and got all the lumber better grade and cheaper then home depo lol so anyone planing on this now you know where to go ill put some pics up this weekend also doing 3d backgroud and getting 10frontosa juvi's going tang style over ziare
Punctuation! j/k :lol:
Wouldn't recommend the black light as it emits UV.
Your right but I heard that it uv a and only uv b and uv c are bad and sorry about the punctuation lol can't stand using it
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