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It is indeed a juvenile, 1.5 inch.
If it is a red top zebra, what is the latin name?
I have a juvenile acei, this one is similar but i can tell it is somewhat different. My little acei has no vertical bars and he is much darker, very deep violet/grey. This one is lighter, with a lot of grey/blue, and also these bars.

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DoctorV said:
bulldogg7 said:
the long body threw me off
are you talking about this fish ... hp?id=1790 ?
Maybe. Although it is nowhere as blue as those on the pictures.
If this is the case, G-d help me...
A dominant male would be that blue, not juveniles or sub-dominant males. Looks like a Zebra type, but hard to be sure which one exactly.

The name is made up, unless it is in fact a Rusty X Red Top Zebra hybrid
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