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Hello, I need help trying to figure out whats wrong with my Texas Cichlid. I have had him for two years. He was about 4" when I got him. He is now full grown about 10" to 11". He is the alpha of the tank. There are six other cichlids in the tank that range from 4" to 6". They are all health and seem normal. This tank has been set up for 1 1/2 years and I do regular water changes and do water test to make sure ranges are good. About 2 weeks ago he developed a lump on his side under his skin. it was about the size of a ping pong ball. the lump also turn the area bark blue. a few days later the discoloration started to spread. At this point he stopped eating but other wise seemed ok. Over the past week the lump has gone down a bit but the discoloration has spread. Now the spot where the lump was is starting to rot off!! He only eats one bit of food at feeding time and I'm really worried that he is suffering. I'm not sure what to do. See the pics below. Please Help.
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