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Die antwoords iz
1. Astatotilapia latifasciata male from Victorian Basin at top (you have another one in later pictures that may be female)
Melanochromis auratus, if male will turn darker... Auratus are well know for being rude to tankmates as adults

2. Pseudotropheus (or Chindongo) Demasoni

3. orange one is a Red Zebra, M. estherae (if pure)
the one on the right I dunno

4. two Auratus and one hybrid Yellow Labidochromis

5. Cobalt Zebra if pure

6. low quality Yellow Labidochromis and the orange Red Zebra again

7. center with blotches is an OB Mbuna, hard to tell exactly what or just a hybrid

8 and 9. the little blotchy guy with the shiny face is a hybrid called "OB Peacock". They vary alot and may lose that colour

9. look like two Cobalt Zebra, M. callianos
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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