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After about 6 years, I finally let my oscar go to a new home, along with his tank mates. This leaves me with an empty 75 for stocking. My plan is to shift some of my fish around from 4 different tanks and order the missing elements. Two of the tanks are 20 gallon, one long and one tall. I'm going to move the stock out of these to my bigger tanks. One will be for a pair of Taeniacara candidi and the other for an undecided Apistogramma pair. My plans for the two 75 gallons are listed below.

Heavily Planted high-tech 75 gallon:

13 Corydoras, habrosus
10 Otocinclus, arnoldi
20 dwarf pencilfish
2 pair Mesonauta, festivus WILD Guyana
1 pair Apistogramma, cacatuoides
1 pair Apistogramma, agassizi
and a sustainable population of cherry shrimp

My concern here is keeping 2 different apistogramma sp. in the same tank. And if the mesonauta will eat the pencilfish. Thoughts?

Empty 75

1 Heros, sp. "Rotkiel"
1 pair Angels
6 Bolivian rams
1 pair Crenicichla, wallacei
10 Serpae Tetra
6 Deep Body Silver Hatchet Fish
6 Corydoras, schwartzi
1 chocolate pleco

Does this sound like too much? Thoughts?
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