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So I am still in the planning stages, but coming closer to deciding exactly what I want. I would be interested in all feedback (positive or negative) as I want to get it as close to perfect as I can!

I am going to set it up with Juvies, but eventially want the following in the tank:
Pair of Altolamprologus calvus Kapampa 'Ink Fin'
Pair of Eretmodus sp. "Cyanostictus North' Kigoma Red
1 male with 3 female Lamprologus ocellatus 'Gold'
10 Paracyprichromis nigripinnis 'Blue Neon'

I have decided on a 46 gallon bow front aquarium (36"x16.25"X20")

Tahitian Moon Sand
Lava Rock (red) and red slate most of the way up the back to make caves leaving swimming room in front
A large piece of slate at top about 1/2 inch below surface for Gobies to drop fry
Rock held together by silicon calking/glue
12 Neothauma Shells (for L. ocellatus)
12 Whelk Shells (for Calvus if they choose to use these as opposed to caves)
Black Felt behind aquarium for background

Fluval 305
Magnum 350 Pro (with Biowheel)

Lighting: Still trying to decide on optimal light choice

I am planning to get the following fish probably as juveniles:
6 Calvus (Remove 4 once a pair forms)
6 Gobies (Remove 4 once pair forms)
6 Ocellatus (Remove nondominant males, leaving 1 male and 3-4 females once mature)
10 Nigripinnis (will try for 3 males and the rest females, but who knows)

Do the Gobies like to choose their own mates and will 6 be the best way to form a good pair?

Please give me feedback and comments so I can make this a great tank!

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