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Hey everyone,

My name is Nicole and I am new to the forums but not new to fish keeping. I have had in the past a 90gal live planted with community fish for a few years set up then was taken out by a house fire we had. Since then we have rebuilt, sold and moved to our new home with another 90gal tank. I am in the process of setting it back up and was thinking of doing L. Malawi fish as I was drawn to them when I worked at our local pet store. My plans for the tank and what I have so far is thus:

90gal AGA
Fluval 405 filter
Fluval E 300W Heater
Fluval M 250W Heater
Aquatic Life Dual-Lamp T5HO Light Fixture
-Bulbs avail 10K , Actinic, and Life-Glo

Substrate is 1 1/2" of black aquarium gravel and topped with 2" of Tahitian Moon Sand. I have used this combination before and it has worked well for my plants.

I also have about 6 or so Tufa rocks that I need to clean if I need to use them.

What I want to get out of the tank is live planted with driftwood and some rock work and the fish. For Fish these are the species that I have been looking at and am in need of some advice as to if they would work together (not necessary all of them but most) and quantities.

These fish I really want to have:

Yellow Lab

These fish are optional:


Again any help/suggestions are welcome.



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sounds great! but aurturas are a pain in the butt. I wouldn't recommend them with your fish.
I'm guessing you also know the plants that will work with africans, right? There are only a few that can handle their parameters and that they won't eat:

EDIT: Demansoni are also really aggressive I've heard to keep them in groups of at least 12 :thumb:

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Plants that you can tie down to the driftwood (which I'd nix, by the way - add about 90lbs more rocks to your existing 6 pieces) are more likely to work. Java Fern and Anubis are the standby species for mbuna tanks.

This is a 4' 90g, right? What's the width on this tank?

I'd avoid auratus, as has been mentioned. They're just a headache waiting to happen.

6-7 yellow labs, 6-7 socolofi, only 1m of each (going to be hard to tell, since males and females look the same), then start with 15-20 demasoni and whittle it down to 12-15 - as many females and as few males as possible.
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