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Well, I'm getting a 75 Gallon this summer, and I've recently ventured into the world of Cichlids :) So far, I like Angels, Yellow Labs, and Bolivian Rams. The only fish that I consider "essential" is an Angel. Reason being, my girlfriend only "approved" of the tank because she thinks Angels are pretty :wink: I heard Yellow Labs are good for beginners, as are Bolivians. Would these three spieces be compatible? From my research, it appears they are, but I want to confirm with some people who know what they're talking about.

For filtration, I was thinking a Hagen Aquaclear 110, and a Visi-Therm Stealth 250 for a heater. I was going to have a sandy bottom (I hear pool filter sand works well). I've heard of people making caves and such out of slate, then siliconing them together. I was just going to give the tank a plain blue background.

I've kept tanks in the past, but nothing big (20 gallons is the biggest), so I know about the Nitrogen Cycle, and the matinence involved, and I'm ready for a commitment. Any other suggestions for me? I won't have this tank set up to the fall, but I like planning it advance :) Thanks,

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