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New 125 gallon. I have about 160lbs of araonite and PH is now around 8.2 to 8.4
I originally planned on mbuna (hence the aragonite). But am REALLY debating on dwarf pikes, my only concern now is that the PH is way off for the pikes. Do you think they will be okay in 8.2 to 8.4. I Dont want to risk it if its ANY sort of health concern. Im not looking to breed them. Thanks!
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If your pH is that high out of the tap and you can find some local at the LFS with similar water conditions that are doing fine I don't see why not, you'll definitely never breed them in those conditions, and will likely never see a breeding dress out of them, though.
Cr. compressiceps should be fine, as they are not a blackwater fish like most other dwarves pikes are ( noto's, orinicos, some races of regani ). They are tough buggers, able to handle bad water conditions for a long time (not recommending this, just was sick for several months and tank went to heck, the male was fine through the process).
I would definitly reccomend it, pikes and almost all sa/ca cichlids IMO are much better than mbunas as far as personality goes.
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