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Picture: Is it a Metriaclima Callainos (Cobalt Blue)?

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So that is the question, is this a Cobalt blue, or if not, what is it? He (I think) is about 2 inches and relatively mild compared to the Kenyi and OB Zebras. He is a little darker than any cobalt I have seen, and the intensity of his blue is greater making him appear almost fluorescent. He has a few very narrow bands, and at times many more come out. I don't think this picture does him justice, but he is difficult to catch for a picture.

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Still trying to figure it out... the LFS swears he is a cobalt zebra (and they don't like the implication of me questioning it.) any thoughts, is he really what they say he is?
It could be. Snout seems a bit off and barring is not usually too common in M. callainos but some can show it.

What was in the tank with him at the LFS? I'd be cautious of any LFS that doesn't like you questioning the species or purity of their fish. They should be more than accommodating at providing you as much information as possible about what they're selling.
it doesn't look like any of mine. I wouldn't feel comfortable labeling that a cobalt blue. could be a variant of M. Estherae or a cross thereof.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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