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picking the right sand for multies

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I just purchased CaribSea Ocean Direct Live Sand from petsmart and I wanted to know if this is good to use for multies. I am not sure if it is only for saltwater tanks.
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It will be fine, as long as it isn't actually "LIVE" live sand...
It is in a bag so it is not "live". thanks for the info!
that product contains live bacteria for a saltwater setup. don't believe that bacteria will survive in freshwater.could create problems for you. there is sand available especially for cichlids
The bacteria and stuff in live sand would be a decent way of starting your cycle when it dies off if nothing else, sounds like an expensive way though.
That sand has saltwater bacteria in it, used for cycling saltwater tanks. If it was just the CaribSea dry stuff, it'd probably be fine, but that's very expensive sand with no good use for freshwater tanks. I suggest taking it back and getting something else.
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